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  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Alleviates backache, RSI, headaches, fatigue and insomnia

  • Melts away knots and disperses toxins

  • Releases joint restrictions and improves flexibility

  • Increases the uptake of oxygen in the tissues and to the brain

  • Promotes a sense of calmness and tranquility

  • Revitalises body and mind

Office workers in particular will be familiar with burning sensations between the shoulder blades and stiffness in the neck. When a muscle becomes tight it contracts and produces lactic acid. This inhibits the blood flow through it, therefore limiting the supply of oxygen and nutrients. These tense muscle fibres become dry, sore and knotted.


Massage warms and relaxes the muscles to stimulate blood circulation, thus nourishing, lubricating and soothing the fibres. This releases any excess pressure placed on adjacent bones and joints which would otherwise burden the skeletal system. The muscles are elongated and posture is improved, restoring flexibility.


There are many physical and physiological benefits to massage including the following;-

Stress causes emotional, psychological, behavioural and, perhaps more evidently, physical side-effects.

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Seated acupressure is also referred to as chair or on-site massage.  This meridian-based massage stimulates influential points in the head, neck, shoulders, back and arms to immediately alleviate the physical burdens of stress.


It can be applied in 15 - 30  minute routines and is non-invasive as no removal of clothing or oils are required, therefore causing minimal disruption to the working day. This massage is ideal for office workers and is essential to relieve neck and shoulder pressure caused by computer-based jobs. Chair massage is also popular at events to promote well-being.


For massage in your workplace, please enquire via email info@relax360.co.uk




Relax360 provide health screenings to complement our wellbeing service. Health checks calculate the heart age of an individual. We check blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels along with height, weight and waist measurements. This creates a personalised report and allows the client to see how small lifestyle adjustments can significantly improve their health.


Stress can lead to the dependency on props such as food, alcohol and smoking. The health check takes into account all the risk factors that may affect the chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Each consultation is strictly confidential and carried out in a professional and respectful manner. We pride ourselves on being non-judgmental and realistic about individual outcomes.



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