Reducing stress means the body is not constantly fighting to balance its energies therefore it can concentrate on areas that need attention. Incorporating relaxation techniques into our lifestyle improves the immune system to boost recovery and help to prevent illnesses. Relaxation reduces stress which decreases the risk of heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure. It also decreases the rate at which parts of our DNA wear out, thus decelerating the ageing process.

Relaxation techniques are an integral part of stress inoculation therapy. It forms the initial step when working on phobic responses as well as preparing to cope with stress more effectively. Securing a relaxed state of mind makes it difficult for anxieties to invade and coexist. Relaxation aims to induce the Alpha state which is the state that we naturally pass through when falling asleep. During this altered state, breathing and heart rate slows and blood pressure decreases to a resting level. Adrenaline levels drop and endorphin levels rise to ease pain and tension.

Mindfulness immerses you in the moment. Focusing on the present helps you experience life as it unfolds, truly appreciating what is important and taking pleasure from it. Connecting to nature will nourish and uplift you, it is a perfect antidote to the rat-race. We don’t always need to strive for bigger, better or newer. We can just be content with what we have and notice the beauty within and around us. 

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