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Stress can be defined as the pressure put on a subject exceeding its ability to cope. Everyone is born with a predetermined nature; however, no-one is born stressed, therefore we should trust our natural, inner-ability to relax.

Our perceptions can become distorted through life lessons, experiences and role-models. Exposure to negative stimuli engenders irrational thinking which influences behaviour and reactions to stressful situations.

Reducing stress means the body is not constantly fighting to balance its energies, therefore it can concentrate on areas that need attention.

We don’t always need to strive for bigger, better or newer. We can just be content with what we have and notice the beauty within and around us. Mindfulness immerses you in the moment. Focusing on the present helps you experience life as it unfolds, truly appreciating what is important and taking pleasure from it.

Streamline your life;

Do less and do it slower.